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Intense Pulsed Light

The power of intense pulsed light

Intense Pulsed Light doesn’t just sound powerful. This highly advanced laser specializes in precision, allowing our technicians the ability to focus high frequency laser light into a tiny area. These attributes make IPL the perfect tool for targeting hair follicles, allowing us to perform laser hair removal procedures. The focused light also allows us to vaporize the germs that cause nail fungus, as well as target more delicate areas such as facial lines, which are thinner and more difficult to get than standard varicose veins. Finally, IPL can be used to diminish very fine lines and wrinkles, as well as to treat dyschromia and provide deep dermal heating.

Because of its incredible versatility, IPL extends the abilities of our staff to treat your conditions and facial blemishes, no matter what they may be. The fact that the Cutera Xeo system is completely customizable also gives our technicians the ability to change settings on the fly, thereby giving them the absolute freedom to put their knowledge and expertise to use right then and there during the session.

Contact our office for more information on how we can put the Cutera Xeo’s IPL to use for you, or to schedule a consultation to discuss how best we can treat your skin.


There is such a thing as having the right tool for the job. A construction worker can’t drive in a nail using a saw. In the medical profession, the importance of having the right tool is especially true. A surgeon or a physician not only needs the right tool, but they also need the best and most advanced tool available.

At OC Skin Laser Center, providing our patients with the very best is absolutely paramount. That’s why Dr. Nassir insists that his team have access to the very best in cutting edge technology. Our laser treatment system, the Cutera Xeo, is not just a single clumsy beam of light. The Xeo combines three different laser technologies to provide the maximum amount of power to treat skin conditions. As part of that, we are pleased to offer our patients access to the Intense Pulsed Light feature of the Cutera Xeo, the most pin-point accurate feature available.

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LimeLight IPL Price PKG 4
Full Face 300 1020
Small Region 150 500
Chest 350 1190

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