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Laser Treatment for Wrinkles

Wrinkle treatment by Dr. Nassir

While there used to be no real solution to wrinkles, modern laser technology has dramatically changed that. The Cutera Xeo allows our skin technicians to completely resurface your skin, giving your body the opportunity to regrow brand new, healthy skin in spots that used to look old, weathered and wrinkled.

Using specially focused wavelengths of laser light, our technician can remove old layers of brittle, aged skin. The body then replaces the old with silky smooth new tissue, giving your face and body the beautiful glow of youth.

During the consultation process, our experienced physician will sit down with you and discuss how best to help you renew your skin and remove the effects of age. During the session, our technicians apply the laser paddle to the areas you’ve agreed on, treating the skin with pulses of laser light. Our technician will guide you through the whole process, making sure you are comfortable. Over the course of the next few days, your body will heal itself and you will begin to see results

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What are wrinkles?

Over the course of a lifetime, your skin takes quite a beating. It is your first line of defense against the sun, against diseases and pollutants. Given how much abuse it takes, the skin is a miracle organ, always bouncing back, shedding, regrowing and moving on to the next environmental challenge.

But as people age, their skin naturally becomes less resilient. The constant stretching of the skin over muscles eventually causes it to develop wrinkles and age lines. Our face muscles in particular are to blame for a lot of this stretching. Every time you smile, frown, or squint you are pulling your skin across those muscles.

Why you should treat wrinkles

Luckily, while there is no way to avoid developing wrinkles, there’s no need for you to live with them for the rest of your life. You can return your skin to its healthy, youthful look and take away those pesky, telltale aging lines. At OC Skin Laser Center, we can take years off of your face with just a single skin rejuvenation treatment.

Give Your Face and Body the Beautiful Glow of Youth


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