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Laser Treatment for Warts

Wart treatment by Dr. Nassir

Using the Cutera Xeo, our technicians can customize the frequency of the laser to fit your pesky situation, allowing us to effectively kill the virus and remove the wart. Not all warts are created equally, and our technicians have the skill and the expertise to do the job right, occasionally removing calloused skin to make the laser even more effective.

The laser removal process improves wrinkles in addition to treating warts and only causes a small amount of pain, certainly less than the pain of leaving the wart as is, and our friendly, professional staff will help you manage any discomfort. Once the session is over they will talk you through the healing process, helping you heal the skin and keep the wart from returning.

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What are warts?

Warts are non-cancerous skin growths where the top layer of skin becomes infected by the human papillomavirus, a virus so common that people routinely come into contact with it every day. Nearly every person will have one or more of these tough little skin growths at some point in time of their lives, most often in their hands or their feet but really they can appear anywhere on the body.

Summary of Symptoms

  1. Symptom 1Small bumps on the skin that can be fleshy or grainy
  2. Symptom 2Varying in color from flesh or white to tan
  3. Symptom 3Rough to the touch
  4. Symptom 4Black specks throughout the bump

Why you should treat warts

Aside from the potential embarrassment that warts can cause from a cosmetic standpoint, some warts can grow to be large, painful infections of the skin that can spawn even more warts. For these types, it is important to have the wart removed and quickly.

The Most Effective and Permanent Warts Treatment.


Treatment Price
1-5 Genital Warts 300
Each Additional Genital Warts 50
1-5 Anal Warts 500
Each Additional Anal Warts 100
Warts on Hands and Feet (price varies depending on size and number of warts. Discounts are given on multiple warts) Call
for Pricing

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