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Laser Treatment for Angiomas

Angioma treatment by Dr. Nassir

There are several methods for treating an angioma, such as burning them off with liquid nitrogen, however the quickest and most effective way is laser treatment. At OC Skin Laser Center, we use the powerful and effective Cutera Xeo to rid you of this blemish.

During the procedure, our laser technician targets the angioma and, using a couple of focused pulses of laser light, blasts the blood vessels with focused wavelengths that cauterize the blood vessels. You can even see the angioma go from bright red colored to grey. After the procedure, your body breaks down the dead blood vessels and removes the material through its natural healing processes, leaving clean, youthful looking skin.

Since angiomas are for the most part small and sit close to the surface of the skin, most require only one quick session to completely remove the blemish. For larger angiomas, slightly more bursts or an additional session may be necessary. The laser removal process only causes slight, momentary discomfort. Many patients have described the pain level as similar to being snapped by a rubber band. Regardless, our skilled, experienced staff will guide you through the entire process.

There’s no reason you should live with these little red moles. Let OC Skin Laser Center help rejuvinate your skin. Contact our office to learn more or to schedule a consultation.

What are angiomas?

Unfortunately, aging is just a part of life. As the body grows older, different types of skin imperfections and blemishes start to pop up seemingly out of nowhere. Sometimes, those blemishes aren’t even caused by the skin itself but are caused by the blood vessels running underneath. Sometimes little red dots start to show up on the skin, like an odd, different colored freckle. These little dots are called angiomas, and while part of the aging process, they are treatable.

Angiomas are small harmless spots on the skin caused by broken blood vessels. The most common type, the cherry angioma, looks like a small red colored mole. These sort of marks are painless and benign, but they can be an unsightly reminder of growing old.

Why you should treat angiomas

If you are conscious of angiomas and would like to improve your appearance and enhance your self-esteem, then our treatment is for you.

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